CAFNBO Distress Fund Criteria

Written on 23/03/2020

CAFNBO Distress Fund is set up for the purpose of relieving distress among serving NCOs and Men of the PDF.

The subscriptions are 30c per week by direct deduction from the payroll.

The fund is self-financing and totally independent of the main CAFNBO schemes. CAFNBO funds cannot be applied to the Distress Fund.

Relief of Distress:

The fund will, within its resources, consider contributing towards relieving distress of members. The following are examples of some of the areas that might be considered for assistance.

a. Exceptional Costs incurred due to long term illness or hospitalization of a member his spouse or children not recoverable from any other source.

b. Costs incurred due to disability of member, spouse or children not recoverable from any other source. e.g. Wheel Chair, Special Bed or other specialised equipment.

c. Funeral expenses for children not covered by CAFNBO.

d. Exceptional debt incurred which the member cannot reasonably expect to repay himself. In this instance, help will be on a once off basis only.

Eligibility for relief

All serving members of the PDF who are contributing to the fund and their families are eligible for membership of the FUND.

Relief may be by way of Cash grant, or direct payment of bills.

A subcommittee known as the CAFNBO Distress Fund Committee decide on application for help. The composition of the committee is: Chairman CAFNBO or Vice-Chairman. 3 CAFNBO committee members One other person as approved by the committee. Secretary CAFNBO (Secretary to committee only). The committee only consider applications from members which are fully documented. The DISTRESS FUND committee will make whatever enquiries it deems necessary to establish the bona fides of an application.

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