Payment of Military Allowances during COVID-19 (ATCA/MESA)

Written on 23/03/2020

Following discussions with the Department of Defence/Military Management and the Representative Associations, the following information was confirmed to PDFORRA by OIC Finance Section, DFHQ on 18 Mar 20.

Please ensure that you are aware of its contents and that this information should not be shared on Social Media.


  1. Calculation of Allowance.  During the period of the Covid–19 ATCA Operations, the ATCA allowance /MESA will be paid as follows::
    1. For those personnel tasked with a full 72 hour duty on the Covid-19  response roster, allowances will be calculated as follows:

ATCA allowance /MESA will be paid for each twelve (12) hour period of duty on the Covid-19 72 hour roster. This applies only where a person is on duty (barracks or standby) or deployed in the field for an entire seventy-two (72) hour Covid-19 response roster period, For example: for post 2013 enlisted personnel, allowances for an entire seventy-two (72) hour duty on the Covid-19 response roster would be calculated as follows - €99.52 per 24 hours Monday to Friday, €149.40 per 24 hours on a Saturday, where no working day is provided as a rest day, and €199.20 for 24 hours on Sundays.

  1. All other personnel who are detailed to perform ATCA /MESA Covid -19 tasks, other than those on the 72 hour roster, will be paid the ATCA/MESA daily allowance rates i.e. for post 2013 enlisted personnel €49.76 Monday to Friday, €74.60 for Saturday (where no working day is provided as a rest day) and €99.60 for Sunday.
  2. This allowance will NOT apply to routine barrack duties, Stand-To, or to other duties for which specific allowances apply e.g. Portlaoise Prison.


  1. In order to ensure uniformity across the organisation, a bespoke ATCA/MESA Payroll proforma will be developed and is to be used by all Joint Task Force and Formation Orderly Rooms. Furthermore, all ATCA/MESA costs will be captured using the appropriate pay codes. Subhead A.4 will ensure that all formation orderly rooms are aware of these pay codes.


  1. Any matters that may arise in relation to Covid-19 payments requiring clarification will be dealt with through the C&A Scheme for members of the Permanent Defence Force.